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Hexen Blut (SuperAdmin) 7/23/2012 1:24 PM EST : Relic Weapon Quest
Hexen Blut
Posts: 22

NPC Rowena in Uldah

Promissary Note
  1. Obtain "Properties of Beastmen"- 25,000 grand company seal item
  2. Obtain "Vortex Seal" x3, "Tremor Seal" x3, "Inferno Seal" x3 - Hamlet ending chest drop item

The relic quest is started by trading Gerolt (The Hawthrone Hut, Eastern Shroud) the promissory note.

Relic Ques

Step One
[*] Double Meld the class weapon that matches the relic you want with the specified materia.
Class Weapon List:
  • PLD = Mailbreaker + Heaven's Eye (Accuracy)
  • MNK = Avengers + Manathirst IV (+MP)
  • WAR = Rampager + Touch of Rage IV (+Emnity)
  • DRG = Obelisk + Savage Might IV (Crit Attack)
  • BRD = Sarnga + Heaven's Eye IV (Accuracy)
  • WHM = Alkaurops + Mind (Mind)
  • BLM = Astrolobe + Hell's Fist IV (Magic Potency)
[*] Kill a specified beastmen stronghold leader.
Beastmen Leader List:
  • Monk- Flamefist Ahlygg Roh (Zahar'ak)
  • Paladin- Flamefist Ahlygg Roh (Zahar'ak)
  • Bard- Lozol Totoloq the Decapitator (Natalan)
  • Dragoon- Lozol Totoloq the Decapitator (Natalan)
  • Warrior- Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga (U'Ghamaro Mines)
  • Black Mage- Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga (U'Ghamaro Mines)
  • White Mage- Third Order Patriarch Zu Ga (U'Ghamaro Mines)

Step Two

[*] Obtain 3 "Miser's Mythril" from Aurum Vale- <17 Minute Speed Run
[*] Obtain 3 "Alumina Salts" from Cutter's Cry- <17 Minute Speed Run

Step Three
*This part of the quest is from Rowena in Uldah (Gerolt will send you after completing step 2)
[*] Obtain "A Copy of the Enchiridion"- Dzemael Darkhold
[*] Obtain "Allagan Band"- Behest (Iron Lake, Broken Water, Nine Ivies). given as ending bonus
[*] Obtain "Oschon's Finger Charm"- Caravan (Skull Vally, Drybone, Treespeak), perfect 1 k seal run needed
[*] Collect 990 common OR 495 uncommon OR 99 rare beast coins.
Beastmen Currency List:
  • Monk- Amalj'aa Currency
  • Paladin- Amalj'aa Currency
  • Bard- Ixali Currency
  • Dragoon- Ixali Currency
  • Warrior- Kobold Currency
  • Black Mage- Kobold Currency
  • White Mage- Kobold Currency
Step Four
[*] Spiritbond the unfinished Relic- only on mobs 50 or high and not while in a party

Step Five

[*] Complete a specified 500 point faction quest- Party of four needed
Faction Quest List:
  • Monk- Azeymas Shields
  • Dragoon- Azeymas Shields
  • Black Mage- Azeymas Shields
  • White Mage- Azeymas Shields
  • Warrior- Brotherhood of the Broken Blade
  • Paladin- Brotherhood of the Broken Blade
  • Bard- Brotherhood of the Broken Blade

Step Six
  • Defeat Garuda
  • Defeat Ifrit (Extreme)

Arximiro (Member) 7/23/2012 1:56 PM EST : RE: Relic Weapon Quest
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Thanks for posting this Hex, you're the man.

Edit: Doesn't the Garuda win need to be a speed run win as well? I thought I heard that from Vizz.
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Hexen Blut (SuperAdmin) 7/23/2012 8:50 PM EST : RE: Relic Weapon Quest
Hexen Blut
Posts: 22

I think it has to be a Speed Run with no deaths from what I have heard, but we have not confirm that yet.

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