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Welcome to Illuminaughty

Welcome to the Illuminaughty webpage. We are a linkshell on the server of Sargatanas in FFXIV. We are a laidback friendly group that is mostly social, but we also do some endgame content. We hold weekly events that range anywhere from Primal Fights to Hamlet Defense to Achievement collecting and more. We welcome all players regardless of level or experience. We believe in having a fun, friendly, and comfortable environment for all players regardless of background. We are a fun loving group that loves to joke around and have a good time as well as be serious when we have a task at hand. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please apply to the website and join us in the fun and good times. Thank you.    
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Amazingly Awesome Super Sweet Children's Make A Wish Foundation Charity Event Hosted by ABV gaming!!

Jauhn Chinera, Jul 26, 13 11:59 PM.
Amazingly Awesome Super Sweet Children's Make A Wish Foundation Charity Event Hosted by ABV gaming!!!

The ABV gaming team is hosting a 24 hour charity drive to the Children's Make A Wish Foundation! Come join Christopher Arikado Beatson and Christopher Ike Vandermeer as they sleep deprive themselves for 24 hours on a live broadcast stream on, playing the new Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn the day it is released!! Its free and easy to sign up, if you want to chat all you need to do is follow the links I will be posting the day of the event, sign up for twitch and its that easy. An even easier/lazier way to watch the streams is to check us out on our website!!! It gives all the info on the players on the ABV team. It also gives you the link to the make a wish foundation in the news section of the website. For every 50 followers the ABV team will donate $10 to the charity. Also we will be having a raffle during the stream so you can have the chance to win an iTunes gift card, any number of games from for your PC (to include but not limited to: Max Payne 3, Serious Sam 3, Castle Crashers, and many others!!!) Every hour we will be giving one of these items away so come out and watch us for your chance to win some sweet prizes. 100% of the proceeds will go straight to the charity drive and not to any of the ABV team members, also there is no administrative fee. So come out, chat with the ABV team during the stream, show your support for the Children's Make a Wish Foundation and most importanly have fun :)

Contact Info: If anyone would like to add any suggestions as to raffle items or really anything else in general you can contact the prez at

A Realm Reborn Release Date

Jauhn Chinera, Jun 4, 13 3:17 AM.

​Release Date : August 27, 2013

    Hello Illuminaughty,
        It's Jauhn Chinera, reporting that it was confirmed by Square Enix that the release date of Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 (A Realm Reborn) on August 27, 2013. I will answer what questions I can; just go to the Forum titled "Jauhn Chinera": I will answer a few here on this posting.

Q: What going to happen to Illuminaughty?
A: Illumianughty will continue to live on!

Q: How are we going to coordinate getting on same server?
A: We do not know how the launch will proced. We do not know if we will be dropped into the same servers we were in before or we get to choose the serves we want to be in. When we know we will post the information in the "Jauhn Chinera" forum, see keep an eye out on that one.

Q: Will Illuminaughty be a Linkshell or Grand Company?
A: This was discused before FFXIV went down, Illuminaughty will continue to be a Linkshell, but the leaders of Illuminaughty will launch a Grand Company for Illuminaughty members to be in.

You can find more Q's and A's in the "Jauhn Chinera" Forms. See you all at the Launch!


Jauhn Chinera, Jan 7, 13 10:05 AM.

Goodbye Final Fantasy XIV

Jauhn Chinera, Nov 13, 12 1:53 PM.
...and that's that. With the Final Fantasy XIV servers down, Illuminaughty members say goodbye. If you think that we will behave because we are not teaching Ifrit not to drop the soap, then you got another thing coming. Illuminaughty members are no longer on one server on one game, we are now spreading like the plagues into the real world and multiple games. Like a wild fire, we will touch everything you hold dear and destroy it. Jauhn Chinera has gone to the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and will make Darth Vader look like a rebellious Christian School Boy. Stogie Longbottom has gone to the world of Skyrim where Dragons will teach HIM not to drop the soap. Nimira Kitari has gone to the real world and will now cause havoc in Canada, that's right, she is painting her house a different color, a color that offends the mousses and beavers. What Hexen Blut and Vizzer McShiggs are up to...thats TOP SECERT, if I told you then we would have to black mail your neighbor into licking your feet...then kill you.
    But do not worry, Illuminaughty will go back to our hole in your head when Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 goes online. So tell them Japanese to hurry up so your PTSD would be only mild where you are jumpy, and not extreme where you kill your toe sucking neighbor, that sick pervert, in your sleep. So before you venture out into the world, done on your helmet and flak vest, and wait for the night you can party after taking back you cup you let the two lesbians that live next door barrow.
    So Illuminaughty, contain your damage to a minimum (like World War II), and we will see you at the launch of Realm Reborn!

Summer is here, and so is Illuminaughty!

VizzerMcshiggs, Jun 5, 12 1:29 AM.
        Howdy everyone and welcome to the Illuminaughty website.  Recently a small group of friends from a broken linkshell gathered in the dark recesses of the Ul'dahn mercantile houses to decide on a plan for their future, and what was decided was the linkshell Illuminaughty.  The people in attendence that night were Hexen Blut, our fearless guild master, Nimira Kitari, our many times lone voice of reason, Stogie Longbottom, officer of all things cute and Lalafell, Jauhn Chinera (pronounced Yo Hawn Chinaman) the unnofficial official coordinator of things that need to be coordinated, and myself, Vizzer McShiggs, officer of the Awesome.  We are a small social type linkshell that is open to anyone that is wanting to have fun in the world of Eorzea, yes even Canadians.  While we try to do everything we do as well as we possibly can, we don't think of ourselves as elitists and don't try to min/max every little detail to death.  If we have fun that day, then the day is a success.
        Summer is here, Memorial Day is over, the days have rolled into June, for the Canadians I am guessing that is the month with the picture of the moose on your calendar, and Illuminaughty is off to a running start.  Besides beating to death countless crafting leves, we have managed to stand at the gates of Aleport and fight off the Kobold threat.  We have battled the invading Garlean Empire, not only on our own lands, but have taken the fight to their doorstep.  We have emerged victorious on many of the Artifact Armor quests. On the primal front we have not only doused Ifrit's Hellfire, but showed King Moggle Mog XII that his eight wasn't enough.

         I would like to thank everyone that has joined and helped with this adventure so far, and I hope you have all had just as much fun as I have, and with Dalamund getting closer by the patch, there is still much more to look forward to.

Ifrit before Illuminaughty. 
 Ifrit after Illuminaughty.
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